SafeContractor Membership

About you

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Welcome to SafeContractor. You are taking the first step to becoming SafeContractor accredited. Our membership packages have been designed to provide you with as much speed and support throughout the accreditation process as you need. Please answer all questions carefully as your recommended membership package will be based on your answers. After completing payment you will be on your way to achieving SafeContractor accredited status and ready to start completing your health and safety assessment.

We strongly recommend that you read the help text and important information we have provided.

Referral Code

If a client has invited you to join SafeContractor you will have received a referral code e.g. AB1234-567890-1. It is essential that you enter your referral code as it links you to the client's approved contractor list where they will have visibility of you. You can find your referral code in your invitation email. If you have been invited to join SafeContractor and do not have a referral code please contact our support team on 02920 266 242.

Organisation Type

If you select Sole Trader or Proprietor the number of employees will automatically default to zero.

Number of Employees

Employees and labour only workers are those who have worked under your supervision using materials, equipment, and tools that you have provided. They are generally covered by your insurance policy, not their own.